Actitud Lab (Attitude Lab) is a B company that, through a connection methodology, generates and strengthens the formation of collaborators and the relationship of companies with their communities, minimizing corporate risks for the construction of a robust and legitimate social fabric.

We are Attitude


Recognize companies as a relevant social actor

We advise organizations and companies with the potential to mobilize valuable experiences towards their communities.

Deliver meaningful experiences

We question the paradigm of traditional education towards one that puts people at the center of the learning process.

Promote collective action

Our actions must contribute to a more just society, taking charge of the issues that affect the country from empathy and collaboration.

Align proyects to the Sustainable Development Goals

We are convinced that sustainability is a fundamental part of the success of the business.

Work with a preventive logic

We work with children and young people, positively influencing their social-emotional development, integral education and life plan.

Support UNICEF principles

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